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Cocoa Concert

“I can tell you that I grew up listening to the Cocoa Concerts”, said internationally acclaimed conductor Gergely Madaras on the occasion of our first concert together. We often meet adult audience members who came to love classical music at our concerts. Their children now make up the core of Cocoa Concert audiences. At these concerts, the children are not bombarded by stimuli, but taught to be engrossed in music. The series promises weekend afternoons of music and storytelling in a cozy atmosphere. This season, we once again welcome families to our interactive concerts, and after the music and applause have died down, the young audience will be able to queue up for polka-dot mugs of hot cocoa. Together with the Nemzetközi Cseperedő Alapítvány (an international foundation to support children and their families living with autism), we have developed an autism-friendly version of our Cocoa Concerts to ensure children with autism can also have a good time. Families are sent some information materials in advance to help them prepare the children for the concert’s visual and audio stimuli, ensuring the children do not encounter anything unexpected during the concert.

The Cocoa Concerts are sponsored by BNP Paribas.


A Csík Zenekar 2021-ben országos koncertturnéra indul legendás vendégeikkel, Presser Gáborral és Karácsony…

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