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Lóvasút Kulturális és Rendezvényközpont

Szabó T. Anna 30 éve van a költői pályán, legutóbbi, a „vagyok” című verseskötete idén jelent meg.

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Born in the Romanian city of Târgu Mureș in 1968 before moving to Hungary in 1984, Attila Bartis is one of the most versatile creators in contemporary Hungarian literature. He is a writer, photographer and playwright, and one of the best in every genre. For many years, he lived and worked on the Island of Java.

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László Darvasi became one of the most definitive writers of contemporary Hungarian prose by writing about the same topics from the very beginning: the great themes of love, death, forgiveness, ruin, sin, morality and perseverance all return again and again in his short stories, novels, essays and plays, not to mention in his personal, inimitable storybooks written for children.

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